February 18, 2013   1 note


Thank God

For pencils, paper, typewriters, computers, notebooks, pens, sticky notes, feelings, thoughts, literacy, books, libraries, English teachers, mothers, fathers, siblings, love, desire, people, crayons, erasers, and happiness.


January 16, 2013   3 notes

I want
to cry
Because I
cannot stay
and beg
for an
For all
things that
have gone

January 13, 2013   2 notes

Dear Girl of Steel,

I hope you never cut those beautiful wrists of yours because all that will bleed is gold.
I feel as if you will make it, precious stranger, because if not the world would grow cold.
For a soul so strong as your own and so very willing to try, to hope, to survive
I commend your strength and above all else, your conscious decision to remain alive.

A Friend

January 10, 2013   4 notes

I’m sorry that you and the rest of society find me flawed.

That my boobs aren’t big enough.
That my stomach isn’t flat enough.
That my nose isn’t small enough.
That my lips aren’t full enough.
That my teeth aren’t white enough.
That my eyes aren’t bright enough.
That my waist isn’t thin enough.

My deepest condolences, for you must certainly be blind to true beauty.

January 1, 2013   5 notes

On A New Level

He told me one of his secrets
One he’s never told before
Admitted that he wasn’t perfect

It has made me fancy him more.

December 30, 2012   1 note

I write.
Therefore, I am written.
He feels.
Therefore, he has feelings.
We love.
Therefore, our hearts break.

December 30, 2012   2 notes

Writer’s Block

I have got this pen
Had it all my life, you see
Life without limit.

I have got my words
Had them all my life, you see
Speech on exhibit.

My thoughts remain blocked
For once in my life, you see
The way goes unlit.

December 24, 2012   3 notes

I trust you.
I want you.
I need you.
I love you.

All three word phrases.
All from the heart,
but can you see the stages
it took to fall apart?
If words could move mountains
or bridge the gap between space and time
poets of love would write fountains
of gentle stanzas, lovely metaphors and rhyme
But since words have not such power, these phrases have all met their dying hour.

December 21, 2012   1 note

I think it’s funny how much
she needs
to be liked by strangers
to lie to friends
to cry when she’s in the wrong
to laugh behind the backs of others
to be loved by taken men
to hide her true personality
to wonder why no one likes her.

I think it’s funny.
Not funny haha but funny weird. Funny sad.

December 16, 2012   2 notes

Full of strangers,
not a word spoken
trains keep secrets
Promises unbroken.