November 6, 2012   1 note

Fair and Square

You know me.
The unmistakable giggle that will one day haunt you.
The spirals of hair that your very own fingers have trapped themselves in. The misshapen lips that you have dared to touch with your own.
The dark eyes that you once found yourself mesmerized by.
The smirk that you captured on film plenty of times.
You know me.
I couldn’t surprise you
even if I tried. And I don’t think I want to. I want you to know me.
Just as I’ve learned to know you.

It’s only fair.

October 20, 2012   2 notes

Ideas Sacred

There is nothing more common than the idea of God,

for his works of mercy are said to bring peace and order.

Evil stands no chance in the face of God, just as Lucifer

was dismissed in a fit of rage and betrayal. Through

pain and war, humans have come to realize that there is a Difference.

Ideas may all spout from the same place but,

the places may not spout from the same idea.

God. Lucifer. Evil. Good. Heaven. Hell. There is no order.

Heaven. Evil. Hell. Good. What about God?

People rushing to and fro from churches, but

between attending and enduring, Who can tell the Difference?

Who can tell but We, deep down, always know through and through.

October 19, 2012   2 notes

Here’s something to think about
Are you superstitious at all?
Full Moon and loons who twist and shout
Blood-sucking bats and strange black cats
Nails scratching along that wall?

Over every sidewalk crack
and inside every mirror, broken.
Haven’t you ever wondered
about bad luck?

Mothers’ backs still intact
after every warning spoken.

Common sense, my friend, is often veiled under scary pretense.

Humans challenge these
superstitions with pluck.
Challenge common sense
only to be found dumbstruck.

October 18, 2012   1 note

Somewhere along the lines,
action needs to be taken.

And a certain empathy established
when one must admit,

“Mine are they who tie the rope around their throats.”

“Mine are they who swallow a thousand pills.”

“Mine are they who spill their own blood.”

“Mine are they who want their lives to end.”

And with that being said and done,
Could you imagine ever being so sad and alone?

October 14, 2012   3 notes

The Show Goes On

Life is just one big show.
You wanna know how I know?

Everyone would rather see you smile than frown.
Everyone would rather see you looking up than looking down.

Life is just one big show.
To learn, you must first grow.

Everyone would rather see you laughing than crying.
Actors are at their best when living, not dying.

So live, reader faithful, for I’d rather you be happy than not.
Go out there with that smile and show them what you’ve got.

October 13, 2012   3 notes

In Cold Blood

one, two.
This razor should do.

three, four.
Can not get off this floor.

five, six.
Only have two wrists.

seven, eight.
Fell for the goddamned bait.

nine, ten.
Never had any friends.

eleven, twelve.
Familiar rusty smell.

thirteen, fourteen.
Vision fading, no longer keen.

fifteen, sixteen.
Blood escaping, in between.

seventeen, eighteen.
A beautiful life draining, unseen.

nineteen, twenty.
Forsaken souls are just too plenty.

Too many deserted,
on their own.
Too many left surrounded,
in cold blood.

October 12, 2012   1 note

Lucky #1

When Hanna was five
She knew this Man
He liked to play games with her
Especially Doctor and House
Everyone called Hanna, “baby”
And she knew it all began with one.

When Hanna was ten
She knew this Boy
He liked to hold her hand
Especially during Recess and Naps
Everyone called Hanna, “sweetie”
And she never asked why.

When Hanna was fifteen
She remembered the Man
Because the Boy wanted to play
Especially Doctor and House
Everyone called Hanna, “slut”
And she didn’t understand why.

When Hanna was twenty
She got to know Hennessy
It liked to mess with her mind
Especially in Bathrooms and Kitchens
Everyone called Hanna, “beloved”
and she knew it all ended with one.

October 11, 2012   2 notes

The Greatest Fault

Five letter word
The most common action amongst the living
And a reason as to why we have so many dead

You know we’ve all done it

We all know you’ve done it too

Some can’t seem to stop themselves.
But what good can it possibly do?

Five letter word.
This person takes the place of the Man upstairs, God.
And since when, pray tell, did Heaven agree to that?

You know we’ve all played the role

We all know you’ve played the role.

Some just don’t consider it playing.
Why do we try to change the soul?

Five letter word
The greatest fault of humankind.
The timeless attempt to idealize.
The struggle of yourself to atone.
The mistake hewn into our bones.

You know we’ve all felt that nudge

We all know you’ve felt that nudge

To play God. To be a judge.

October 10, 2012   2 notes

Liberated is the Word

Higher than humans
Wings have taken clueless birds
Sky is the limit.

But not for me, dear
Existence, love, and life have
Liberated me.

I fly with purpose
For the sky is no longer
A force to reckon.

October 9, 2012   3 notes


When poems become riddles

and riddles become words

and words become reality

then reality becomes literature

and literature becomes puzzling

and puzzles become poetic

then that’s when we’re Human.